Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Doctor Job Affliliate Program

Malaysia Affliliate Programme doctorjob

doctorjob is giving you a chance to convert your doctorjob dollars into cold hard cash, and my Affiliate Programme lets you do just that!

That's what the Affiliate Programme is about - you get rewarded for your effort, IN CASH!

How much will I get paid?
You get $10 doctorjob dollars for every person you direct to doctorjob site, and RM2.00 if that person proceeds to register successfully as a member!

For every $1,000 doctorjob dollars you earn from the Affiliate Program (not elsewhere on the site), you can choose to convert it into RM2.00.

How will I get paid?
Payments will be issued by cheque and mailed to you as soon as your earnings reach a minimum of RM50.00.

How does it work?
Plug a text link or banner in your website, blog, forum signature, MySpace, account (anywhere online!) and link them up with a unique URL*.

*This unique URL identifies you as the referer. It will be provided by once you activate your affiliate account.

When someone clicks on your text/banner link, they will be redirected to and $10 doctorjob dollars will immediately be credited into your account.

If the same person proceeds to register successfully as a member within one year, you will get RM2.00!

How to Start?
1) Login to doctor job

2) Go to left upper cover, click on " sign in/register " to register as member.

3) Go to the bottom click "i want to register" .

4) Fill in all your information and click "submit your detail" button.

4) Open your email to confirm the registration. Done!

Prove of payment

Click here to sign up doctorjob

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