Friday, August 8, 2008


FrensZone is same like friendster/ space/blog/hi5/Yuwie.
FrensZone is a new generation social networking website that actually PAYS its members to use it. If you join as a member, you will get paid for your activities in our site, such as,

1. Invite your friends to join under you
2. Create groups, blog, events, classifieds
3. Create polls for people to vote
4. Announce parties or events
5. Upload photos, videos and MP3
6. Rate other members' profile and photos
7. Leave comments about other members
Basically, the more active you are in creating things on our site, the more money you will make!

Join FrensZone now & start making REAL money while making friends.

Click HERE to join Now, don't miss the chance

Once a referral join you will earn $0.5 USD

Cash Out : $50

Activities Point Earn
Make a Blog Post 10
Comment on a Blog Post 5
Blog View - When someone view your blog 1
Classifieds Posting 1
Events Posting 1
Create a Group 10
Make a Group Post 10
Reply to Group Post 5
Group View - When someone view the group you created 1
Video Gallery Upload 10
Vote for a Gallery Video 1
Comment on a Gallery Video 5
Photo Gallery Upload 10
Vote on a Gallery Photo 1
Comment on a Gallery Photo 5
Music Gallery Upload 10
Vote on a Gallery Music 1
Comment on a Gallery Music 5
Photo Gallery View - When someone view your uploaded photos in photo gallery 1
Video Gallery View - When someone view your uploaded videos in video gallery 1
Music Gallery View - When someone view your uploaded music in music gallery 1
Upload a Profile Photo 10
Vote on Profile Photo 1
Post Profile Comment 10
Vote on a Profile 1
Profile View - When someone view your profile 1
Profile Photo View - When someone view your profile's photos 1
Friends View - When someone view your friends lis 1
Upload Primary Photo - Points rewarded for FIRST primary photo (one-time only) 300


Angel said...

I was going to check the site out because it sounds interestings, but none of the links work. Just wanted to let you know.

Internetpayee said...

To angel:

This link i check is work. if you interest please visit

windfall said...


just wanna much does they pay you when you refer a friend?

Guttu said...

This is something really interesting. I think there is another social networking site which pays you. That is
You may try it but I don't like to make money from my personal info

The Nonsense Blog

Sahil Bhalla said...

The conecpt sounds gppd but I don't think it is going to work.

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