Friday, July 25, 2008


Good news to all blogger!! Entrecard announced its partnership with Sezwho, making it possible for us bloggers to comment and drive more traffic to their blogs.

SezWho enables contributors to build portable reputation at the same time encourages more comments, more interactions and more page views. With quality entries post that might stir and attract co-blogger's interest thus their will be more encouraged to participate and hit the comment button. In the win-win situation, Entrecard blogger will earn credits (EC) when they leave comments on SezWho installed blog.

Step to Install SezWho
~> Register SezWho at
~> Press the "Sign Up" button to register an account.
~> Fill in all the info then submit to SezWho.
~> You will receive an email containing a script

~> Create a widget (HTML/Javascript) on your blog.
~> Copy the script , paste onto the widget
~> Click save to persist the setting.

All right you had installed SezWho. SezWho will appear on your pages henceforth, as show below:
When some one comment on your blog you will receive an email of the comment.


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Merqury said...

Good explanation on installation of this plugin. But, sometimes SezWho don't send this blog key to our mail. This happens in rare cases.

You can easily solve it by just contacting


Internetpayee said...

Thanks for the comment.

Iliana said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Guttu said...

How much it has worked for you?? For me I don't think it works. I have just kept it for some more time.

The Nonsense Blog

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