Friday, July 18, 2008

How to Avoid scammers

There are some procedures to avoid being scammed at will.
1- PTC is to earn money, not to spend or invest. If you want to invest, go to a bank.
2- Every PTC will, sooner or later become a scam. The point is to know how long will it takes.
3- There is no "trusted" site or administrator, except for a while. Trusted while it is paying.


1- First, take a look at whois information. There you will see the name, e-mail and other information about the administrator. A PTC that uses or somehow hide its infos, cannot be trusted. Take the name and do a search in foro for a good or bad reference. To find whois info, go to and paste the name of the site, without the "http://" . Or you can download a whois tool from Very easy to use and FREE.

2- Never trust a site that runs under a free domain or a sub domain. Generally they are free for one or three months, so the ptc disappears after this time and is usually run by a 13-15 aged child. Example:, which PapaiMark banned from here.

3- As less is the referral value, as more trusted the ptc is. Avoid sites that pays more than one cent per click. Generally, referral equal or below 50% will last longer.

4- Advertising rate. A site that charges less than $10,00 per 1000 click and pays 1 cent per click and 50% or 100% per referral click will become a scam in few weeks. Obviously, the math doesn't match. Although some people says that this is sustainable, you will see that it is not for sure.

5- Forum. The ptc that has a forum is, at first, most trusted because you can see bugs and complaints. It is not totally true, because admins use to post false payment proofs and delete flaming posts. So, when it starts happening, you will see complains in many other foro. The best sites does not have forum.

6- Avoid sites that promote CreditBruner and Pay-Ads, a icon or banner on the ptc site. Sabbie explained it very well: " Creditburner and others like it are ptp advertising networks. They pay site owners to advertise their ptp links. A lot of these ptp sites will use hidden iframes. Iframes are basically pages hidden in the page you are already viewing. The 0 in front of iframes is the size of the frame, meaning its there but has 0 visibility. You wont even know its there. 0-iframes are used to load sites onto your computer that you would normally not visit. Some can be harmless like visitor counters or geo-counters but most are very nasty. They can redirect you to porn sites but they can also download trojans or do autosearches on your computer. Normally ptp links will be worth up to about 50c per 1000 views. Creditburner and others like it will pay from 50c up to $5.00 per 1000 views. Its a very profitable business for most site owners but very bad for the members clicking the links. There are blacklists of sites using iframes and most forums won't allow those sites to be advertised. So if you join a site and you are having problems loading the site or your browser freezes look around and you will probably find banners for creditburner, pay-ads or vastgate. if you dont see the ads copy the url of the site into the jutaky detektor just to be sure. Even better, check all sites before joining."
More at and

7- There are many other tools. Visit Talkptc fourm to see which sites are at "watchlist" and "sites to stay away from". See the links above on the blog. Avoid dangerous foro like ptctalk, a place for scammers and ponzy schemes and, that minds only with its own earnings and promote every sort of scam sites.

8- Avoid all sites that looks like They lasts less than 4 months and 99% pays only in the first 2 months.

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