Tuesday, July 22, 2008



Entrecard is a social network for bloggers. it’s objective is to help bloggers socialize, and assist them in their goals. Entrecard provides a platform to help bloggers find friends and contacts, raise their visibility, pool their knowledge, learn from one another, and support each other in their individual goals for their blog. The Entrecard blogger is better able to manage and improve their blog for themselves, their readers and their advertisers.EntreCard was meant to be a way of promoting your site in order to get more traffic and grow your blog.

Start EntreCard
Sign-up by visting EntreCard, fill in your detail, blog or web relevant category, select a 125x125pixel business card, but it is better you make your own business card. honest, the default card designs are crap.
Note: If your blog is at wordpress.com you CANNOT use EntreCard.

Widget code
There are 3 types of Widget code, select one of it and place the widget code on your blog or web for other EntreCard user to advertise.
a)127x148 slim widget

b)200x127 medium widget

c)250x127 wide widget

Start Dropping
Dropping card is one of the way for you to earn Entrecard Point (EC). Per day maksimum you can earn 300 EC.
Start your drop by clicking Photobucket on every blog you visit, earn drop entitle for 1 EC

Photobucket 1-49Drops,
Photobucket 50-99Drops,
Photobucket 100-149Drops,
Photobucket 150-199Drops,
Photobucket 200-249Drops,
Photobucket 250-299Drops,
Photobucket 300 or more Drops

If the card you drop twist or more in the same day, it will show Photobucket, that no EC.

Drop 50-100 cards a day if you can. Pick some sites that you can see yourself working with and drop on them, leave a comment or two - start networking. More drop a day in order to get reciprocal drops and raise your ad price.

Start Advertise
Find the advertisement your like,
Click "Advertise" to advertise your EntreCard. It charge 256 ec/day and need to wait 8 days for your turn.


Unknown said...

Nice and clean explanation on Entrecard with picture captions. Welcome to Entrecard! Hope you enjoy your stay and get more benefits from this family.


HawgWyld said...

One thing I've been thinking about with Entrecard is actually moving my widget down the page a bit. Why? It seems people show up, drop a card and then split before looking at my site.

I hope I'm wrong, but it sure seems that way. No comments, ad clicks or anything -- just a dropped card.


Internetpayee said...

Ya it's my first time for 300 drops, just to share with everyone. EntraCard really help me increase my blog traffic.

the natural state hawg:
I agree with you, i'm also just drop and close unless the blog is interested.

Guttu said...

Entrecard traffic is not targeted. You'll need your blog content to be attractive so that they stay on your blog.

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