Monday, August 4, 2008

Banner Exchange - WebBannerz

Photobucket is a FREE banner exchange service designed to help web sites advertise, promote and generate new visitors and increase your rank with search engines. WebBannerz have various ways to promote your site and bring quality unique web traffic to your site. is an excellent way to "Get the word out" about your web site. You can use one advertising method or you can use them all. You can also get more visitors by using our affiliate program.

Why WebBannerz better than most Traffic Exchanges?

Getting visitors to your web site is the most important part of your business! web traffic programs are uniquely designed to find users that are interested in your site and products.

Only visitors interested in your website's content are worth advertising to, and give you the successful results you're looking for. This makes any knowledge about the visitors most interested in your website's content extremely valuable to the success of your advertising campaign.

Through different categories and by underlining specific keywords, you can target your ad exposures within a specific audience, and dramatically increase the effectiveness of your campaign.

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Please note this is not an auto surf program. are a banner exchange site.

How much traffic will I receive?

For every 2 visitors to your site you get another visitor. This is real visitors not just banner impressions, meaning a 50% guaranteed traffic increase to your website. Referral Program also gives you the opportunity to receive credits for use in your campaigns for every new user you refer to our traffic exchange. Meaning that you can receive almost unlimited traffic to your websites.


zipposuperstore said...

thank you for this great review

we are still in beta testing stage and still need a few more testers just to make sure everything is ok before release.

one thing we do need is a new header.

thanks again

Anabella said...

Is this just for websites or can bloggers utilize the banner exchange?


Internetpayee said...

To anabella:

- this is banner exchange program, you just need to register at web bannerz and paste a widget on your site.

Wei Liang said...

Great alternative to traffic exchange program.

Wei Liang

Blogger said...

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