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How to withdraw paypal

Malaysian or Non-lister paypal country - how to withdraw paypal

Withdraw paypal? It’s may be easy if you come from U.S., Australian, Austrian, Belgian, Canadian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hong Kong, Irish, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Mexican, New Zealand, Norwegian, Portuguese, Singaporean, Spanish, Swedish, Swiss, Taiwanese, or U.K because you can withdraw paypal directly to your local bank. Click here to see countries list that can open paypal account. So if your countries is not in the list how can withdraw paypal ? Below are three method to teach you to withdraw paypal.

1) Selling your paypal fund to some one from your countries for cash. This method is the easy and fast as I now but is not legal. Paypal will freeze your paypal account if they caught you selling paypal.

2) Get a debit card that can be used to withdraw paypal. You can withdraw paypal to debit card and then withdraw your funds from ATM machine. Here a list of debit card that you can use for withdraw paypal:

--> Accent Card Visa - This card issue by Tomato bank. The card price is USD 50 or RM 170 for Malaysian. Accent Card Visa can be used for withdraw paypal because this debit card has integrate US bank facilities. There are some fees for most transaction. You can check out this debit card here.

--> Virtual Money - Not sure which bank issue this card. They said this is ATM card. So you can just use it for withdraw paypal at ATM. The card price is USD 25.00. Cheaper than Accent Card Visa right.

3) Apply a US bank account. Malaysian can withdraw paypal to US bank. After 911 tragedies, it’s hard for non resident to get US Bank Account and as far I now it’s almost impossible. Yeah that what I heard. Now I tell you how you can open US Bank Account without have US address and SSN. As far I now there are two banks that you can apply an account.

US Bank Account For Withdraw Paypal

You can open US Bank Account without have US address and SSN and then use it to withdraw paypal. There are two banks that you can apply an US bank account for withdraw paypal.

E*Trade Financial
The benefit of E*Trade brokerage account is:

a)Easy and free. you just need photocopy of your passport or government-issued identification card.
b)FREE VISA Platinum ATM Debit Card.
You can get a VISA debit card without deposit USD 1000.
c)Free check book.
d)Can be used to withdraw Paypal, stormpay, moneybooker, 2Checkout, etc.
e)Have online banking system.

E*trade account is free to apply. ATM withdraw is also free. E*trade will not charge when withdraw and ATM also not. If the ATM charge you, e*trade will pay back to your account. There are Account Service Fee (ASF) that will be charged quarterly, USD 40 per quarter. That means you will be charged USD 40×4=USD 160 per year. But for the first year, you will not be charged. 2nd year and onward you will be charged. But if you meet one of e*trade condition, you will not be charged. To adviod charge for second year please click here.

Where to apply and how to apply?

You need to fill in 2 form.

E*TRADE Complete Investment Account Application

W-8BEN Form — Certificate of Foreign Status of Beneficial Owner for U.S. Tax Withholding

The second bank I know that offer non citizen to open US Bank Account that you can use to withdraw paypal is HSBC bank USA. The most famous bank.

For HSBC you need to email them and ask them how you can open an account with them. Click here to contact HSBC Bank USA . After that they will email you ask some question. Answer the question honestly. If they satisfied with your answers, they will send the kit to you.

After you get the kit, fill in the form and go to HSBC branch in your country, like me in Malaysia, I must go to any HSBC branch in Malaysia for verification process. After that mail back the form with document they need to HSBC Bank US.

You will have HSBC Bank USA account and use it to withdraw paypal. You will get HSBC debit card and you can use HSBC debit card to withdraw your paypal money in almost any ATM in the world.

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