Wednesday, December 5, 2007

How to register an e-gold account

How to register an e-gold account

1) visit
2) Click create an account
3) Click I agree
4) Fill in Account name - (for receiving payment)
5) FIll in user name
6) Fill in address, state, country
7) Fill in mailling address (must be real address to receive cheque payment)
8) Fill in Alternate Passphrase
9) Fill in Passphrase(very improtant, to be suggest use combine of alp and number)
10) Repetition Passphrase
11) Enter the sequence of random numbers displayed above
12) Press open
13) Your will receive message as below:
Your new e-gold™ Account Number has been sent to:
Your mail box
Upon receiving the email message, please Access Your Account to familiarize yourself with that process. You can then begin spending and receiving e-metal to and from any other e-gold user in the world!
13) Your will receive e-gold e-mail:
Your new e-gold account number is:

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